Custom Orders

Diana's Doll Restoration and Rerooting Service

I regret to say that I will no longer be taking custom orders, restores, or reroots. I am finding that this has been taking too much of my time and I am missing my children growing up. I will keep everyone up-to-date if I begin taking orders again.

Examples of Reroots I've Done


Peek-A-Curl Double Pony with Pencil Curl front bangs
IMG_7397 copy 
Pencil Curls Double Pony with Front Bangs
Pencil Curl Single Pony with Front Bangs
Double Pom-Pom Pony with widow's peak hairline
IMG_6906edit (Small)
Double Pom-Pom ponies

 Lil Winter FrontLil Winter Back
  Pony tails with straight front bangs and twists on the side.

Full head Pencil Curls

Lion's Mane, Double Pony

 Lion Mane with Double Ponies that are twisted.

Double Pom-Pom Ponies, no bangs

Double Pony Pencil Curls with front pencil curl bangs
Koosa Tuffs

Preemie Tuff

Full Pencil Curls